SET Well-Being Index

SETWB Index Series


The SETCLMV Index reflects the price movement of 30 stocks from seven outstanding sectors that are appealing to foreign investors and contribute to GDP growth.
Group 14954
 SETWB Index
Index Type Tradable Index
Selection Methodology
  • Top 30 large market capitalization securities  in these 7 sectors; Agribusiness, Commerce, Fashion, Food and Beverage, Health Care Service, Tourism & Leisure and Transportation & Logistics
  • Suspended stocks (SP) are excluded from the selection.
Calculation Methodology
  • Market capitalization-weighted
  • Maximum weight cap at 10%
Base Value1,000 points
Base date29 March 2019
Stock Review and Revision (6-month period)


June Review
To take effect between July - December of each year


December Review
To take effect between January - June of next/coming year

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Ground Rules for SET Index Series (December 2023)
Licenses for product creation
Licenses for product creation
SET indices can be used to create a range of index-linked products (Tracker funds, structured products, ETF, etc.) Such product creation is subject to prior approval by SET and licensing fee. Please inquire our Information Services Department ( Email: ) for more information.

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