SET Sustainability

We encourage stakeholders to take advantage of the numerous opportunities presented by the capital market.
To strengthen the economy and promote social and environmental sustainability.

SET is committed to its vision of
Make the Capital Market
SET connects businesses to capital sources and investors to a diverse range of financial products, resulting in a continuous value creation cycle. When investor demand rises, more companies are willing to raise capital in the market, which boosts market confidence and attracts even more investments, resulting in more job opportunities and a better economy for everyone.
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SET Sustainability Framework

SET strives to create products, services, and innovations that meet the needs of all sectors, while continuously improving its oversight capabilities. SET incorporates ESG principles into all aspects of its operations, from the listing process to public financial literacy promotion.  SET Sustainability Framework is made up of five components:
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Sustainability Governance
Operates with good governance and adds value through innovation
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Sustainable Capital Market Development
Raises the standards of listed companies, market intermediaries, and investors to improve market quality
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Employee Development
Enhances employee competency through the SET DNA culture, which focuses on creative ideas for social and business development.
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Social Development
Gives back to society and collaborates with other sectors to improve people's quality of life.
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Climate Action
Minimizes the environmental impacts of business operations through energy and resource efficiency

SET and SDGs

SET identifies key sustainability issues in the business value chain by taking the market environment, business direction, and stakeholder expectations into account. It also based its sustainability principles on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainability Report

The SET Sustainability Report is disclosured in accordance with the GRI Standards and is published annually. The electronic versions are available on the SET website and social media sites.
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