Settrade.com Company Limited
Settrade.com Company Limited

Derivatives Back Office 

Received ISO27001 (Information Securities Management System)

Icn-checkServices for customers-related work system
  • opening and closing of trading accounts.
  • deposit-withdrawal of money or Securities deposited as collaterals (Margin).
Icn-checkProviding services for processing of trading and deposit-withdrawal transactions, and Securities deposited as collaterals (Margin)
  • calculating the Open Interest of customers.
  • calculating mark to market for portfolio at the end of business day.
  • processing trading transactions for call margin and return of collaterals between member companies and customers.
  • reconciling collaterals between member companies and Thailand Clearing House (TCH).
Icn-checkClearing by adjusting from collateral in customers’ portfolio
Icn-checkPreparing information or reports under contracts to member companies to be used in risk management system pursuant to the member companies’ policies
e.g. reporting balance of Derivatives position, outstanding collateral amount, interests of each customers and reports as required by the TFEX, TCH or SEC.
Icn-checkPreparing Intraday Margin reports to allow the member companies to demand collaterals from the customers.
Icn-checkProviding services for confirming the trading of Derivatives (Daily Confirmation) to customers.
Icn-checkProviding services of monthly reporting on the trading of Derivatives (Monthly Statement) to customers.

Supporting the development of the systems in accordance with the future changes in
the rules and regulations as well as having appropriate and effective internal control system and security system.

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