Cash Balance

Securities Met Market Surveillance Criteria

Overview of Securities under Cash Balance Measure

As of 24 Apr 2024
Cash Balance SET (Company) mai (Company)
Caution Signs 19 9
CB (Caution - Business) 18 9
CS (Caution - Financial Statement) 1 -
CF (Caution - Free Float) - -
CC (Caution - Non-Compliance) - -
Securities Met Market Surveillance Criteria - 1
Temporary Trading - 1
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Market Surveillance Measure List is the summary of securities which are required to implementing measure in case of abnormality trading pattern to prevent risks associated with investors as well as the system as a whole.
The SET has daily announced under "trading alert list" and "list of securities which fulfilled the market surveillance criteria" news.
When a common stock has triggered the Market Surveillance measures, securities of a listed company and securities with common stock as underlying assets (excluding DW) are also subject to the same measures which are as follows:
1. Cash balance means each member must ensure that its customers pay the full amount in cash prior to trading.
2. Excluded from credit limit means the member must not use the security as collateral in the calculation of the customer's credit line in all types of account.
3. Prohibit Net Settlement means the member must not offset the trading value of buy amount and sell amount of a certain security on a given day. (The amount received from sale of the particular security will be credited back on the following day.)
Please note that the main factors used as criteria for the restricted securities above are the turnover ratio, the trading value and the price not corresponding with the fundamental factors such as P/E ratio, etc.