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SET Information Services

Service on historical data of The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX), on a one-time service basis. This service is for the purpose of conducting insightful analysis for individual or corporate internal use only

Historical Data Request

Historical Intraday Trading Data
Equity Trading Ticker


Data from Sep 2012


Equity 5 Bids/Offers


Data from Sep 2012


All Indices


Data from Sep 2012


TFEX Trading Ticker


Data from May 2014


TFEX 5 Bids/Offers


Data from May 2014


Trading and Statistics historical data
End of day trading data and statistics by securities (SET)


Data from 30 Apr 1975


Return on Investment by stocks (ROI)


Data from 2 Jan 2002


Beta by securities



Data from 1 April 2002


SET Index Value & Statistics


Data from 30 Apr 1975


SET50 Index Value & Statistics


Data from 16 Aug 1995


SET100 Index Value & Statistics


Data from 1 May 2005


Sectoral Indices Value & Statistics


Data from 30 Apr 1975



Total Return Index (TRI)



Data from 2002



End of day trading data by series (TFEX)


Futures from Apr 2006
Options from Oct 2007


Listed Company historical data

Financial Statement



Data from 1997


Capital Increase/ Rights & Benefits/ Dividend


Data from 1990


Company Profile and securities information




Foreign Limit






Data from 1995


Form 56-1


Data from 1996


Annual Report


Data from 2009


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