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SET Information Services

Data service on end-of-day closing price, and index, including historical data of The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX).

End-of-Day Service

Equity Market

End of day data



End-of-day securities data including closing price, key statistical information of each security, index and market trading categorized by investor types




Data of total return index (TRI) and return on investment (ROI), by securities






Beta is a measure of security's volatility in relative to SET Index.





OAQ-Index weight and Tracker file


The constituents, weighting and corporate actions which affect weighting of each security in index.

Index data available: SET, SET50, SET100, SETHD, SETTHSI and sSET


OAQ-Security Profile



Profile of securities to be traded on the next trading day










Securities possession information of Thai NVDR including short selling, TTF and NVDR






PSIMS-Broker Trading


Overall daily trading information of each member (broker)


PSIMS-Foreign Limit


Overview information of foreign stocks possession


PSIMS-Major Shareholder


Major Shareholders and percentage (%) of free float information


OAQ-Voting & Treasury Stock Data


Number of voting stocks and data of treasury stocks information



End of day data including Historical data



Historical data of trading price, news, financial statement and information of SET-listed companies, since SET operation (1975)




Historical information of daily trading since SET operation (1975)







Historical information of news and financial statement of listed companies since SET operation (1975)





Listed companies information since SET operation (1975)







Historical and fundamental details information of listed companies such as corporate action, name change and shareholders’ data, since SET operation (1975)


Derivatives Market

End of day data



End-of-day information of Futures and Options including closing price, key statistical information of each series and market trading categorized by investor types


End of day data including Historical data



Historical data of trading price of TFEX, since TFEX operation (2006)


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