Terms and Conditions

By accessing this website and opening various web pages contained in this website, user agrees to comply with the policies of The Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”) including but not limited to the applicable laws and terms and conditions of use both generally and specifically set forth in any part of this website (“Terms and Conditions of Use”). In this regard, user understands and agrees that the specified Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to change without prior notice. If user does not agree or has no intention to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use, please kindly exit and refrain from using this website.

1. Condition of use

SET has set up this website as a public service and courtesy to users who wish to receive listed companies’ information as supporting information for making investment decisions. SET has been requested by a government agency to compile a list of listed companies that have been granted monopoly concessions by the government or a party of a contract of monopoly concession, whether directly or indirectly (called “having or being given concession”). The list is to be used as supporting information for consideration on investors holding shares in listed companies that have or have been given concessions, as some groups of investors may be prohibited from holding such shares according to Thai Constitutional law 2017.

The information contained in this website is the information that SET has received from listed companies as it is (“as is” basis) via the information disclosure channel provided by SET for listed companies’ disclosure on having or being given concession. In addition, the definition and meaning of “being given concession” and “being a party of monopoly state contract” have not been explicitly defined. Therefore, SET and listed companies that have disclosed the information on having or being given concession cannot guarantee whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, concerning accuracy, completeness, or reliability including recency and appropriateness of information on having or being given concession as being disclosed on this website and any guaranteed on the result and use of information either. Moreover, the information disclosure on this website is only preliminary information collected via cooperation from each of the listed companies on that date of the disclosure regarding having or being given concession. For such reason, listed companies that have not disclosed information on concession or are not on the list on this website may not be considered or guesstimated as having or being given no concession.

If user wishes to refer or use information on companies having or being given concession, user should use the information at his/her own discretion. User should examine correctness and recentness of the information and study additional information from documents and information of the related listed companies including information from other sources in detail. Furthermore, in case of user who has limitation or legal condition on law or any regulation on investing in companies that are having or being given concession, he/she must be careful and prudent when examining the correctness of information in compliance with the related laws and regulations.

2. Disclaimer

User understands and agrees as follows:

2.1 This website and the Information shown or disclosed on this website shall not be treated as a recommendation or legal advice, and it shall not be treated as trading or investment recommendation to any securities of listed companies. User must take his/her own risk to make investment decisions or any actions by using the content and information from this website. SET and listed companies hold no responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of the content or information from this website whether directly or indirectly to user and/or any individual and for whatever reasons including but not limited to incorrect, incomplete, omitted, not updated, deleted, revised, mistakes, not showing results, having computer viruses or having communication failure, etc.

2.2 Listed companies have disclosed information based on the general information of having or being given concession relating to normal business operation of listed companies only, but it is not confirmed or guaranteed that listed companies have or have been given government concession or being a party of a government contract as in any definition or any law and regulation. In addition, the disclosed information is only a consideration of such listed company according to the information at the time that the listed company disclosed the information via information disclosure channel provided by SET.

2.3 In making investment decision, user should further study information and details of the securities and business operation of such listed company, including evaluating his/her acceptable risk level. In doing so, user should seek advice regarding securities valuation, index report, viewpoints, consultation or other additional information from professionals in the field, in compliance with notifications, rules and regulations of relevant regulatory authorities.

2.4 The contents or information on this website shall not be copied, replicated, modified, changed, reproduced, queried, transferred, published, released or any action considered a violation of intellectual property rights, except in case of given written consent from SET beforehand.

3. Violation of terms and Conditions of Use

In the event that there is a violation of Terms and Conditions of Use, SET reserves its rights to suspend any access to or terminate any service rendered on this website immediately without advance notice or warning. Such suspension or termination actions are not considered to be indemnified under the Terms and Conditions of Use including any other rights under the relevant laws.

4. Right to Access

SET reserves the right to update, modify or suspend the access to this website or any content of this website anytime as appropriate. SET also reserves all the rights to deny or restrict access to this website to any particular person, or to block access from particular Internet address to this website, without neither notice nor indicating any reason whatsoever. Moreover, if there are improvements, revisions or changes to this website, the user who accesses this website is regarded that he/she has accepted such improvements, revisions or changes.

5. Limitation of Liability

SET holds no responsibility to any damage, loss and expense that may occur directly or indirectly including accidental loss or any damage and loss resulting from the use of this website or the inability to use this website for no reason whatsoever. Moreover, SET holds no responsibility to user of this website or any individual who claims the rights from the use of this website or from the information shown or disclosed on this website, or from the decisions or any action resulted from studying the information in this website including any other damage and loss that may possibly occur. User hereby accepts that SET holds no responsibility to any user’s action whatsoever.

6. Governing Laws

The Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the laws of Thailand.