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Rights to subscribe for additional NVDRs

Whenever Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. (Thai NVDR) receives the rights offering to subscribe to new ordinary shares from a listed company, Thai NVDR will proceed as follows:

  1. Thai NVDR will notify NVDR holders of the rights allocation following a resolution by the listed company shareholders, allocating the new underlying shares. Thai NVDR will grant the right to buy additional NVDRs to NVDR holders whose names appear in the NVDR registration book as of the closing date of the NVDR Register Book or the Issuers Record Date.

    If a given NVDR holder holds a fractional value of NVDRs, Thai NVDR will exclude that fraction from the calculation of rights to subscribe for new NVDRs, although the listed firm may grant the right to subscribe for new underlying shares for the fractional value of the underlying shares.

  2. Thai NVDR notifies that NVDR holders must request to subscribe to additional NVDRs via a member. The member can subscribe the NVDRs via Digital Subscription System (DSS). (Measures and procedure of the subscription and/or exercising via DSS) and scan the payment document to Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. within the indicated deadline. The subscription period starts from the first day of the underlying securities subscription date and ends one working day before the last day of underlying securities subscription period, no later than 12.00 p.m.

  3. Thai NVDR will exercise its rights to purchase new ordinary shares equal to the additional NVDRs that NVDR holders have requested. Thai NVDR, upon receipt of suchnew shares, will deliver the NVDRs to NVDR holders.

  4. Upon Thai NVDR has been allocated shares from rights reserved to NVDR holders, shall issue and deliver the NVDRs to the NVDR holders according to their rights as specified in prospectus. In case of the oversubscription, Thai NVDR will allocate the excess NVDRs to NVDR holders according to the existing proportion of their shareholding on the Book Closing Date and deliver the NVDRs into the depository account appeared in the NVDR register book on such Book Closing Date.

  5. Thai NVDR will refund NVDR holders for the unallotted NVDRs, for those who hold NVDRs via reserved amount on excess rights based on the listed company calculation.

Thai NVDR Co., Ltd.
93 The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Building C, Ground floor,
Ratchadaphisek road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400.

Note: Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. does not accept subscription via postal mail.



For more information, please contact SET Contact Center www.set.or.th/contactcenter +662 009 9999