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Exercise of NVDRs
  Last exercise of NVDRs  

When a listed company announces the period for the last exercise of securities (warrants / preferred shares) to purchase the companyís new ordinary shares , Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. (Thai NVDR) will proceed according to the following conditions and procedure :

  1. Thai NVDR will process the closing of the registration book by granting the rights to exercise NVDRs to NVDR holders whose names appear in the NVDR registration book on the same day as the underlying securities. Thai NVDR will send an application form for the exercise of NVDRs to each NVDR holder. This form can be downloaded via www.set.or.th/nvdr.

  2. NVDR holders may submit their request to exercise NVDRs. An NVDR holderwill receive the exercise ratio equal to the rights offering as indicated by the listed company. The price will be equal to the rights offering to purchase ordinary shares of the listed company.

  3. NVDR holders must apply to exercise these NVDRs for the last time via participants. Participants can subscribe the NVDRs via Digital Subscription System (DSS). (Measures and procedure of the subscription and/or exercising via DSS) and scan the payment document to Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. within the indicated deadline. The last exercise period starts from the first day of the underlying securities subscription date and ends one working day before the last day of underlying securities subscription period, no later than 12.00 p.m.

  4. Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. will exercise its rights to purchase new ordinary shares equal to the NVDRs that NVDR holders requested. Thai NVDR, upon receipt of such new shares, will deliverthe NVDRs to NVDR holders.

  5. If NVDR holders do not exercise NVDRs for the last time within the specified period, the NVDRs  will expire according to the underlying securities’ specified time.

Contact :
Thai NVDR Co., Ltd.
93 The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Building C, Ground floor,
Ratchadaphisek road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400.

Note: Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. does not accept subscription via postal mail.



For more information, please contact SET Contact Center www.set.or.th/contactcenter +662 009 9999