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Receiving payment instead of dividends in a foreign currency

Effective from January 15, 2008 onwards, NVDR holders whose names appear in the NVDR register book on the books closing date can receive payment instead of dividends in a foreign currency by so requesting their broker or custodian bank. The procedures are:

1. NVDR holders request their broker or custodian bank to apply to receive payment instead of dividends in a foreign currency.
2. The broker or custodian bank should program the depository system (PTI) to make the appropriate payment by clicking on: Menu Depository -> Shareholder. Choose Check for payment of dividend/interest.
3. To identify the foreign currency from the list below:

  1. Euro : EUR
  2. Hong Kong Dollar : HKD
  3. Pound Sterling : GBP
  4. Singapore Dollar : SGD
  5. US Dollar : USD
  6. Yen : JPY

4. The broker or custodian bank must submit the required information to the depository system before the listed companys book-closing date in order to have payment instead of dividends be in a foreign currency. Payment in the designated currency will take effective from 15, 2008 onwards until participants authorize a subsequent change of currency.

5. Any bank fees incurred will be deducted from the payment made to each beneficiary. If the amount paid is not enough for conversion to the foreign currency or to cover bank fees, Thai NVDR will pay the beneficiary in THB.



For more information, please contact SET Contact Center www.set.or.th/contactcenter +662 009 9999