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  NVDR Conversion  

Investors can convert NVDRs into local or foreign securities, or from local securities into NVDRs using SETís Trade Report Trading or Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd., (TSD). In such cases NVDR holders must pay a brokerage fee.

Exchange of NVDRs for local securities Any NVDR holder wishing to change his position from NVDRs to securities must process the transaction (selling the NVDR and buying the stock) via SETís Trade Report Trading.
Exchange of local securities for NVDRs Investors wishing to convert their securities into NVDRs must record Trade Report transactions (selling the stock and buying the NVDR) with SET.
Exchange of NVDRs for foreign securities NVDR holders can request brokers to convert NVDRs into foreign securities using TSDís system. If the foreign investment limit for that firmís securities has been reached, NVDRs will be queued to exchange for foreign securities, so that investors can receive full financial benefits during the queuing.



For more information, please contact SET Contact Center www.set.or.th/contactcenter +662 009 9999