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Attending shareholders’ meetings

Thai NVDR will not attend the sharesholder’s meetings and will not exercise voting rights, except in the following cases.

  1. To consider the delisting of the Shares from the Stock Exchange. (Thai NVDR will attend the meetings and exercise voting rights)

  2. In forming a quorum, Thai NVDR will consider attending shareholders’ meetings when listed companies send an official letter giving the resolutions of the board of directors, and requesting Thai NVDR to attend. Thai NVDR must receive such a letter five business days prior to the meeting date. (Thai NVDR will attend the meetings only)

  3. Thai NVDR considers and deems the meeting as a necessity, in accordance with the rules, procedures and conditions prescribed by the Thai NVDR. (Thai NVDR will attend the meetings only)



For more information, please contact SET Contact Center www.set.or.th/contactcenter +662 009 9999