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Tender offer to purchase NVDRs (For Investors)
  Tender offer to purchase the NVDRs in case of delisting  

If the tender offer to purchase the underlying shares is made because The Stock Exchange of Thailand has approved the de-listing of shares, Thai NVDR will inform NVDR holders that Thai NVDR will not continue to invest in those underlying shares, and NVDR holders must sell their NVDRs to Thai NVDR at the offerorís offer price. NVDR holders must submit their request to sell NVDRs and deliver them to the tender offer agent for the underlying shares within the period specified by Thai NVDR. This period will be set in accordance with that of the offeror. Details are:

NVDR tender offer period: The tender offer period will be the same as that set by the listed company but will finish prior to last day specified for the tender offer period for underlying shares. If NVDR holders have not sold their NVDRs within the NVDR tender offer period, Thai NVDR will sell the underlying shares to the offeror and purchase the NVDRs from the NVDR holders.
NVDR tender offer agent: The NVDR holder must submit a request to sell NVDRs and deliver them to the tender offer agent for the underlying shares, using the NVDR tender offer form.


- If the NVDR holders sells to the offeror The tender offer agent will pay NVDR holders within the period and in accordance with the procedures specified by the offeror.
- If the NVDR holders do not sell to the offeror

The brokers or custodian banks must transfer the NVDRs and send the holdersí details to Thai NVDR. Thai NVDR will pay NVDR holders, according to the list of names sent by their brokers or custodian banks.

(Thai NVDR will not be liable to NVDR holders for any loss or damage from or in connection with the sale of the underlying shares to the offeror)



For more information, please contact SET Contact Center www.set.or.th/contactcenter +662 009 9999