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SET50 Index and SET100 Index

To accommodate the issuing of index futures and options in the future, and to provide a benchmark of investment in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the SET50 Index and the SET100 Index were launched. These indices are calculated, respectively, from the stock prices of the top 50 and 100 listed companies on SET in terms of large market capitalization, high liquidity and compliance with requirements regarding the distribution of shares to minor shareholders.

Stock Revision
The component stocks in the SET50 Index and the SET100 Index are reviewed every six months in order to adjust for any changes that have occurred in the stock market, such as new listings or public offerings. After review, stocks that meet the necessary qualifications are selected to become part of the SET50 Index or the SET100 Index and others are removed.

SET100 Index
SET50 Index
Index Type
Composite Index
Composite Index
Calculation Methodology The same as that used for the SET Index
  • A market capitalization-weighted price index
  • Excluded are stocks that have been suspended for more than 20 days.
  • SET50 Index: Calculated from the prices of 50 selected SET stocks.
  • SET100 Index: Calculated from the prices of 100 selected SET stocks.
Base value adjustment
The base market value is continually adjusted to correspond to changes in the values of securities that result from changes in the number of stocks. This number may change due to public offerings, exercised warrants, and conversions of preferred to common shares.
Base value
1,000 points
1,000 points
Base date
April 30, 2005
August 16, 1995

Stock Review and Revision (SET50 Index & SET100 Index )
June Review
To take effect between July - December of each year
December Review
To take effect between January - June of next year

Download Documents
File Type
Selection Criteria for Stocks in SET50 and SET100 Indices (January 2013)
Factsheet SET50/100 Index

Licenses for product creation
SET indices can be used to create a range of index-linked products (Tracker funds, structured products, ETF, etc.) Such product creation is subject to approval by SET and licensing fee. Please inquire our Information Services Department ( Email:) for more information.



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