mai Index

This Index represents the price movement for all common stocks trading on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai).


mai Index =
Current Market Value x 100
Base Market Value

Index Type Composite Index
Calculation Methodology
  • The mai Index is a market capitalization weighted index, relying on the same calculation methodology as that of the SET Index.
  • Calculated from the prices of all common stocks listed on the mai.
  • Excluded are stocks that have been suspended for more than one year.
Base value adjustment
The mai Index calculation is adjusted in line with modifications in the values of stocks resulting from changes in the number of stocks due to various events, e.g., public offerings, exercised warrants, conversions of preferred to common shares, or the shifting of stocks from the mai’s main market to SET's main market, in order to eliminate all effects other than price movements from the mai Index.
Base value 100 points
Base date September 2, 2002


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mai Index Methodology

Licenses for product creation

SET indices can be used to create a range of index-linked products (Tracker funds, structured products, ETF, etc.) Such product creation is subject to approval by SET and licensing fee. Please inquire our Information Services Department ( Email:) for more information.



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