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Risk Management

Risk Management

SET has adopted risk management framework on an integrated basis to manage risks across the enterprise effectively.  The Board of Governor is responsible for designating policies and framework of risk management for the organization and appointing the Risk Management Committee (RMC).  The RMC, comprising with experts in the area of risk management, advises and recommends management to ensure that SET’s risk management process is in line with policies and international standard as well as includes all enterprise-wide significant risks.   SET has managed the key corporate risks in the areas as follows:

  • Strategic risk
  • Financial risk, classified into two major types: (1) Market risk and (2) Credit risk
  • Operational risk
  • Compliance risk
  • Business interruption risk

 Management identifies, assesses risk in accordance with specified criteria, provides measures to manage the risk within the acceptable level, and monitors as well as reports the risk status.  In addition, management regularly reviews the adequacy and efficient mitigation measures to ensure that SET can handle incidents in timely manner.
 Risk Management unit coordinates and facilitates management in implementing the risk management according to the assigned policy, including regularly monitors and reports on risk status to the Board of Governor and management as well as reports on risk operations to the RMC and Audit Committee monthly, and continually inculcates risk management culture to the executives and employees.


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