SET CG Principles

CG Policy

Compliance with Good Corporate Governance Principle

SET, as the core in Thai capital market, continues to support the establishment of good CG for its listed companies and members to practice and promote their compliance with the said principles. The Principles are divided into five categories; each category includes principles and recommended best practices:

    1. Rights of shareholders
    2. Equitable treatment of shareholders  
    3. Role of stakeholders
    4. Disclosure and transparency  
    5. Responsibilities of the Board.

SET Code of Conduct 

SET has established the SET Code of Conduct. SET’s Governors, committees, advisors and employees have signed this code to acknowledge and agree to adopt its principles as their own principles in the performance of their duties for SET. These principles will be adhered to with regards to themselves, investors, service users, other concerned parties and the public. This Code of Conduct imbues SET’s personnel with an outlook that helps maintain the public’s confidence in the performance of their duties as members of Thailand’s securities trading center. For cases where there is the likelihood of using insider information and conflicts of interest exist, SET has developed a Code of Conduct which makes strict adherence to its principles mandatory by its Governors, committee members, advisors and employees. This Code prohibits any person connected to SET from using any SET information obtained through the performance of their duties for seeking benefits for themselves or other persons, and from taking part in or concealing any act that may cause a conflict of interest with their duties at SET or any illegitimate act, or prevent the performance of their duties to be performed in an equitable manner.

Practices of the Acquisition and disposition of SET-listed securities by SET Governors and SET employees

To foster public trust in SET as the country’s center of securities trading, the SET’s Board of Governor  has informed SET governors and staff of the securities trading practices that they are required to follow. These practices stipulate that subscription to and trading of securities must be done honestly, without exploitation of confidential information or misuse of authority or position. The Board has notified SET Governors and SET employees of the practices that they are required to follow in the acquisition and disposition of such securities. Governors must report on their securities held in their own account or any accounts held by their spouses or minor children; such reports shall remain confidential. All employees are required to seek prior written approval from their supervisor before transacting any securities transaction. Also, employees may sell securities only after they have been held for 30 or more days.


Last update: August 27, 2012

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