Date/Time 23 Apr 2024 09:15:00


The Stock Exchange advises investors to study the information of GSC's financial statements and to follow up the company's clarification

Symbol GSC
Source mai
Information analysis Subject : Reminding investors to analyze Information Security Symbol - GLOBAL SERVICE CENTER PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (GSC) Description : GLOBAL SERVICE CENTER PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (GSC) is requested by SET to clarify the contents of the company's financial statements covering year 2023, which contain its auditor's qualified opinion concerning failure to obtain evidence related to the accounting examination of the bank deposit accounts of the company group, amounting to Baht 70 million, and its auditor's emphasis of matter concerning the company receiving a letter on September 2023 from four of its board members requesting the suspension of the transactions involving the purchase of a piece land with construction property with a total value of Baht 150 million, and the sale of investment in its subsidiary with a value of Baht 60 million. However, in September and November 2023, the company conducted transactions where four board members requested to suspend, citing additional clarification that it was in accordance with the board's resolution. This appears in year 2023 that the company recognized a possible loss from the land purchase deposit of Baht 100 million, and a provision for a loss on disposal of investment in subsidiaries totaling Baht 37 million, resulting in the company having a net loss of Baht 118 million. The company will have to provide clarification via SET's information dissemination system by April 29, 2024. Investors are requested to study company's financial statements and follow up its clarification accordingly. ______________________________________________________________________