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Welcome to Thailand Focus 2021 virtual conference

August 25-27, 2021

“Thailand Focus 2021” under the theme “Thriving in the Next Normal” will be virtual conference conduct during August 25 – 27, 2021. This year we emphasize on both one-on-one and group meetings between Thai listed companies and key global investors, together with top-notch small panel discussions highlighting issues through global pandemic of COVID-19, how country deal with the situations and what will be the next steps after post COVID-19

Thailand Focus is the largest annual investment conference in Thailand. It is an exclusive platform for leading global and regional institutional investors to gain knowledge about investment opportunities in Thailand.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) held the first “Thailand Focus” conference in 2004.



Shaping Thailand's Readiness for Post COVID-19 Economic Opportunities

The session will emphasize on post COVID-19 economic challenges and opportunities. Government fiscal policy stance, fiscal budgeting and economic policies including roles and expectations of capital market in post-pandemic.



Thailand Innovative Business

The session will highlight on the readiness of Thailand's ecosystem and infrastructure for new economies and businesses. Also focus on public policies and capital market plans for promoting Thailand innovative businesses.



Accelerating Sustainable Investing in Thai Capital Market

Sharing sustainability cases and ESG-investing in practice from Thai listed companies. Accelerated trend of sustainability in post COVID-19 and roles of public and supportive institutions in ESG ecosystem.





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