SET Group realizes that business and environment must go hand-in-hand. The world population continues to grow and then natural resources are being consumed at an ever-faster rate. The global economy is bearing a brunt of human-induced climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss of which scale and scope are unprecedented. The accelerating destruction of nature not only undermines the world economy but also poses major threats to life forms on earth including humans. Therefore, urgent call for strong action to safeguard our planet is crucial.

As a global citizen, going green has long been one of our priorities and we are committed to net zero emissions by 2050. Moreover, climate action collaboration platform has been initiated as we bear in mind the cross-sector partnerships are needed.

SET Green
Toward “Net Zero”

SET journey toward “Net Zero”

SET has taken various actions to reduce GHG emission throughout its value chain in order to achieve “Net Zero” target.

Digitalization for decarbonization

Going digital helps save environment

SET offers a suite of digital services including e-shareholder meeting, e-Voting, digital onboarding, and e-Dividend to meet investor lifestyle and reduce emissions.

Green building & operation

Green building

SET has placed importance on the practices along the Green Building concept to make the best use of energy and reduce environmental impacts from the business operations.

SET Building on Ratchadaphisek Road in Thailand's capital won many eco-friendly awards and certifications, reinforcing sustainable development.


Solar energy

All light bulbs in SET Building are powered by solar energy by 2022.


Zero waste to landfill

SET has achieved zero waste to landfill goal since 2020 and it aims for earning TRUE - Zero waste “Platinum” & LEED Zero waste certification in 2022.


Solid waste management

Recyclable waste including glass bottles and cans, plastics and paper accounted for more than a half of total waste at SET over the past 12 months and they were treated in several ways including maceration or donation for recycle, and recycling to new paper.


Green Procurement

SET has focused on environmentally friendly suppliers and green products and services. In 2021, SET increased green procurement value to 83.93 percent, exceeding target of 80 percent.

Climate Care Collaboration

Collaborative action

Taking actions together is a key solution to combat climate change. SET, therefore, has initiated Care the Bear, Care the Whale and Care the Wild for public-private and community collaboration.