Cultivating financial literacy to Thai people, SMEs, startups and social entrepreneurs is on SET's list of priorities, underscoring its vision "To Make the Capital Market 'Work' for Everyone“ and commitment to leave no one behind.

Entrepreneurs/ SMEs & Startups
LiVE Platform

Promote SMEs and startups

Promote SMEs and startups LiVE Platform is a knowledge-based platform for SMEs and startups, covering basic management knowledge to prepare them for tapping into fund raising source.

SET Social Impact Platform

Platform for social impact

SET Social Impact Platform has been initiated to be the center in promoting collaboration among business and social sectors to create greater impactful outcome in addressing social and environmental issues.

Thai people
Everyone can invest

Big or small. No matter the size, there is always the right choice for everyone.

SET Group offers a wide range of products that fit with all trading sizes, ranging from a fractional share, a share or multiple board lots.


Trading at fingertip

To match the new investor lifestyle, SET Group emphasizes on the easiness of trading for the whole investor journey.

Financial literacy for all Thais

Happy Money

SET Happy Money project is aimed to help Thai people manages their money and create savings for every goals in life.


SET Fin Quizz

An online test to self - analyse financial gaps among Thai people at any ages. Initiated in 2021, the test is based on OECD/INFE Core Competencies Framework on Financial Literacy as a guideline and developed to fit local environment. Besides knowing their strength and weakness on financial issues, testers will be suggested with related contents to learn more for better understanding.



SET e-Learning has been developed since 2017 with a life-long learning concept to be one of the best online learning hubs of Thailand. Nowadays, there are more than 100 courses from experienced and skillful instructors. The course contents are all-inclusive from financial planning, investment, to entrepreneur education. Pre-post tests and examination are provided as a knowledge assessment and e-certificate can be obtained when each course is completed. Not only investors are suitable to learn with SET e-Learning, but also school and university students are encouraged to learn with SET e-Learning as well. Until now, there are more than 700,000 unique learners with more than 5,000,000 enrolls.


Knowledge source

Maruey Library is a financial knowledge center to enhance financial literacy among Thai people.


INVESTORY, The First Investment Discovery Museum in Thailand

  • Built with the concept “INSPIRE TO INVEST for SUSTAINABILITY” to motivate the audience to realize the importance of financial planning and sustainable investment which is an essential life skill
  • INVESTORY conveys the exhibition contents through the story about Money Monsters, the financial enemies that keep distracting us from achieving our goals, and SET Heroes, the specialists in financial instruments that can help us to overcome the Money Monsters
  • The museum is designed in Pop Futuristic with Comic Style which is the combination of vivid colors and flowing curved lines
  • Universal Design Principles are applied to create a friendly environment, making the museum accessible and practical to all people
  • Self-directed learning activities are used so that the audience can enjoy learning financial planning and investment at their own pace through the interactive tools and various cutting-edge multimedia
The underprivileged and vulnerable groups, and communities
SET Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic impact alleviation

SET in 2021 offered USD 3.09 million to 28 public health-related agencies in Bangkok and other provinces, and another 25 foundations, charity organizations and volunteer networks to ensure that people would access assistance and treatments.


Enhancing youth athlete potential

SET has provided financial support to the Table Tennis Association of Thailand (TTAT) for the ninth consecutive year in 2022, under the SET Star Table Tennis project, aiming to enhance the potential of athletes and Thai table tennis sport continuously to reach the international level.


Quality of life development

Wong Ploi Kar music project is aimed to promote the quality of elderly life with full of energy and happiness by using music as a channel to create collective activities towards the enhancement of ‘mental health’. The establishment of music band, called ‘Wong Ploi Kae’ at Ban Kha district, Ratchaburi province reinvigorates the elderly, keeps them lively, and makes them more proud of their lives. In 2021, 120 senior citizens joined this project and eight music performances were held in different occasions.

Other initiatives


SET has initiated "Pan Hoon Aom Boon” (Donating Shares to Charity project) and Pan Pol Aom Suk" (Donating Dividends to Charity) projects to encourage investors to donate shares or dividends to foundations or any charitable agencies, including the Sai Jai Thai Foundation under the Royal Patronage, Ramathibodi Foundation under the Royal Patronage and Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital. In 2021, there were 516 aggregate donors with 629 items worth USD 343,319 in total.