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01 Jun 2021 08:24:00
Notification the exercise of NER-W1
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                Notification the exercise of securities/ Notification the conversion of 

Subject                                  : Notification the exercise of 
Date announced                           : 01-Jun-2021
Name of securities                       : NER-W1
Exercise date                            : 15-Jun-2021
The notification period for the exercise : From 08-Jun-2021 to 14-Jun-2021
 of the securities
Exercise price (baht per share)          : 1.80
Exercise ratio (Warrants : common        : 1 : 1
Exercise Procedure                       : Website :
Contact Persons and Place to Exercise    : Marketing Department
Northeast Rubber Public Company Limited (Sales Office)
589/156, 28th Floor, Central City Tower , Theppratana Road , Bang Na, Bang Na, 
Bangkok 10260.
Contact person: Miss Auewporn Kittikusoltham, Mobile number 083-009-7500 / Mr. 
Sakchai Jongstapongpan , Mobile number 098-585-7637
Authorized to sign on behalf of the      : Mr.Sakchai  Jongstapongpun
Position                                 : Chief Financial Officer
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Stock Exchange of Thailand only.  The Stock Exchange of Thailand has   no
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