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03 Mar 2021 17:00:00
Further issue of S5013P2106A to be traded on March 4, 2021
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Subject                                  : Further issued of DW
DW name                                  : S5013P2106A
Old number of DW (Units)                 : 219,000,000
Further Issued number of DW (Units)      : 99,000,000
Total number of DW (Units)               : 318,000,000
Offering                                 : Direct Listing
Underlying assets                        : SET50 Index (SET50)
Term of DW                               :
    From 04-Mar-2021 to 02-Jul-2021
Type of DW                               : Put warrant
Exercise type                            : European style
Multiplier (Baht : Index Point)          : 0.07143
Strike level (Index Point)               : 725.00
Index settlement price                   : Final settlement price of SET50 Index
 Futures Series ID S50M21 announced by Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX)
Settlement price                         : Closing price of SET50 on Last 
Trading Date (June 29, 2021)
Trading date                             : 04-Mar-2021
Remark                                   :
Please see Description, Terms and Conditions of S5013P2106A in SETSMART dated on
 February 8, 2021