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09 Feb 2021 18:38:00
SET News :SET synergizes with CMDF to strengthen CMRI in conducting quality research for capital market development
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                                                                          SET News 8/2021
                                                           February 9, 2021

SET synergizes with CMDF to strengthen CMRI in conducting quality research for 
capital market development

BANGKOK, February 9, 2021 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has joined 
forces with the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF) to reinforce the Capital
Market Research Institute (CMRI) in conducting quality research studies for the
development of Thailand's capital market, economy and society.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said SET has consistently promoted capital 
market research through CMRI management for the benefits of the Thai capital
market for over 10 years. SET has continuously connected capital market players
with education sector to conduct capital market research studies academically
recognized and applicable in real life. Furthermore, these findings can also be
developed to bring advantages and competitiveness to Thailand's capital market
and economy in line with SET's vision 'To Make the Capital Market Work for

"SET focuses on promoting quality research studies, uplifting theoretical 
research studies into practice, equipping personnel and researchers with broader
and in-depth knowledge through training activities, improving capital market
research database as an information resource for Thailand's capital market and
economy, as such enabling researchers to access right and wide variety of
information with an aim to enhance quality. The collaboration between SET and
CMDF is currently formulated to create an effective ecosystem to facilitate the
development of research studies covering broader dimensions. Simultaneously,
CMRI is a central unit in managing pooled resources regarding relevant local and
overseas database. Moreover, building platforms for researchers is also one of
our key tasks, aiming to inclusively deliver greater benefits to all relevant
parties: capital market, business, and society," Pakorn added.

CMDF President Chanant Charnchainarong said CMDF has been established with the 
aim to promote and support the growth of the overall  capital market ecosystem,
while gaining competitive edge and operating business sustainably. CMDF
prioritizes the support of  research studies related to capital market,
investment, and capital market development. Therefore, this collaboration with
SET specifically to support CMRI for the development of research studies will be
vital to benefit the capital market in several dimensions, such as more
practical use of academic research, accessibility to database and research
resources, innovative vehicle for more collaborations between capital market
players and educational institutions, as well as researchers' experience and
skills development. Significantly, CMDF last year supported various aspects of
capital market development projects, such  as upgrading capital market
infrastructure, unleashing workforce potential in the capital market, promoting
knowledge & understanding about the capital market, among others. In addition to
this support to CMRI, CMDF will continue to support other projects of utmost
benefit to the capital market toward sustainability.

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