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18 Dec 2020 17:30:00
Clarification of news or information requested by SET
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                SET requests to clarify news or information

Subject                                  : Case Progressing Report
Description                              :
No. ACC6312/002
                                                                  18 December 

Subject         Case Progressing Report
Attention       Director/ Managing Director
            The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

            According to Advance Connection Corporation Public Company Limited, the
"Company" would like to report its progress in case the company filed a lawsuit
against the directors who approved the purchase of land in Koh Siray, Phuket
Province and the list of extensions and improvements of the Pub Pla building
Northern Lords Photo Gallery, the Loy Krathong Pier of C.E. (Chiang Mai) Co.,
Ltd. is a criminal case of the Phra Khanong Criminal Court. It is an undecided
case No. 269/2020 for the offense of being a director, not performing duties
responsibly, caution and honesty causing the damaged to the company and to act
in a dishonest way to seek unlawful benefits for oneself or others. This is an
offense under the Securities Act B.E. 1992, section 89/7, 281/2, 311, 313, 314
and 315, together with the Criminal Code, section 83, 84 and 86, with 9
individuals and juristic persons, consisting of 5 former directors, 3 other
related persons, 1 juristic person, On November 16, 2020, the Phra Khanong
Criminal Court issued an order accepting the appeal. It is currently being
considered by the Appeal Court.
    Therefore, to clarify in order to disseminate to investors and interested 
parties in general

                     Best Regards,
                        (Mr.Angoon Phimphakorn)
                                        Managing Director

                         Signature ___________________________
                                    ( Mr.Angoon Phimphakorn )
                                    Managing Director
                         Authorized to sign on behalf of the company

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