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02 Nov 2020 13:27:00
Notification of Resolution of Extraordinary General Meeting of Trust Unitholders No. 2/2020 (Disapproved the assets disposition of SHREIT)
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                Resolution of investment unitholders'/trust unitholders' meeting

Subject                                  : Trust unitholders' resolution
Meeting date                             : 02-Nov-2020
Meeting's resolution                     : Change from board's resolution
Changed agenda                           :Agenda Item 2  Disapproved the Assets 
Disposition of Strategic Hospitality Extendable
Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust by selling shares of 
Strategic Hospitality Holding Limited  and Strategic Hospitality Holding Limited
2 to the Offeror with respect to the relevant conditions, including the
authorization to the Board of Directors of the Company to enter into
negotiations and/or agreements, to determine, amend, change the details or
conditions of, to execute the related agreements, memorandum, and documents
From agenda item 2 through 5, will be presented for approval at the 
Extraordinary General Meeting of the Trust Unitholders No. 2/2020 of SHREIT
("Trust Unitholders' Meeting") are related and interdependent, if any agenda
from agenda item 2 through 5 is not approved from the Trust Unitholders'
Meeting, it is considered that the agenda(s) that was/were approved beforehand
is/are revoked and the remaining agenda(s) will not be presented at the Trust
Unitholders' Meeting for consideration.
Remark                                   :
As the result of the resolutions of EGM no.2/2020.  The company as a REIT 
Manager will inform further the plan for SHREIT management and operation.
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