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22 Oct 2020 13:05:00
List of Major Unitholders of Fund
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                No. PFRD 037/2563

October 22, 2020
To:   The President
         The Stock Exchange of Thailand

RE :  List of Major Unitholders of Samui Buri Property Fund (SBPF)

Principal Asset Management Company Limited. as the Registrar of Samui Buri 
Property Fund (SBPF) would like to disclose the 10 major unitholders of SBPF at
the recent book-closed date on October 8, 2020 as follows:

No    Name    No. of units held    % of total outstanding units
1    GOVERNMENT SAVING BANK        20,000,000    24.15%
2    MS.ANANYA THONGMUK    6,200,000    7.49%
3    MS.NONGNARD PENCHOME    3,231,700    3.90%
4    MS.VARINDA CHANTARUNGSRI    2,968,100    3.58%
5    MS.PITCHAYA PRADNARONG    1,621,700    1.96%
6    KRUNGTHAI PANICH INSURANCE    1,000,000    1.21%
7    MS.ARRAYA KRIANGKRAIKUL    1,000,000    1.21%
8    MS.VARANGKANA NAKPRASERT    894,500    1.08%
9    MR.CHIN LAOPRASERT    860,000    1.04%
10    MS.VARIN TITAPIWATTANAKUL    705,400    0.85%
     Total    38,481,400    46.48%

Please be informed accordingly.
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