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25 Jun 2020 17:41:00
SET News : SET and TFEX to extend temporary rules until no later than Sept 30
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                                                                             SET News 33/2020
                                                             June 25, 2020

SET and TFEX to extend temporary rules until no later than Sept 30

BANGKOK, June 25, 2020 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will prolong its 
recent trading rule amendments, which are short-selling and ceiling & floor,
until September 30, 2020, or before, (from June 30 previously) due to continued
market volatility as well as uncertain global economy and the COVID-19 pandemic
situation. Likewise, Thailand Futures Exchange's (TFEX) daily price limit rule
will be extended to the same effective end date. The period extension has
already undergone the hearing from stakeholders and has been approved by the
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The short-selling rule has lately been tightened by allowing investors to trade 
only at the price higher than the last trading price (uptick), while ceiling &
floor rule has been adjusted to +/- 15% from +/- 30%, in order to mitigate
market disturbance caused by COVID-19 crisis.

Meanwhile, TFEX has recently announced the amended rule of daily price limit of 
SET50 Index Futures, SET50 Index Options, Sector Futures, and Single Stock
Futures to +/- 15% from +/- 30% of the latest settlement price to be in line
with underlying assets.

SET and Market for Alternative Investment (mai)

Short Selling:
Normal   Zero Plus Tick
Temporary   Uptick

Ceiling & Floor:
Stocks / Investment Units / DR / ETF / Warrant / DW / TSR,  Normal +/- 30%   
Temporary +/- 15%
Foreign share,   Normal +/- 60%   Temporary +/- 30%

Note: Ceiling & Floor of Warrant / DW / TSR is set at +/-15% of the closing 
price of the underlying asset on the previous business day multiplied by the
conversion rate.

Daily Price Limit
SET50 Index Futures / SET50 Index Options / Sector Futures / Single Stock 
Futures, Normal +/- 30% Temporary +/-15%

Note: Daily Price Limit of SET50 Index Options is set at +/- 15% of the closing 
price of SET50 Index on the previous business day.

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