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13 May 2020 20:56:00
Appointment of auditors to review the financial statements for the period ended 31st March 2020
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No. IR010/2020

13rd May, 2020

Re:        Appointment of auditors to review the financial statements for the period 
ended 31st March 2020
To:           President
               The Stock Exchange of Thailand
Refer to:    1.    The Company letter No. IR007/2020, dated 9th April 2020, The 
resolution of the Board of
        Director to postponement of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the
 year 2020
        2.    The resolution of the Capital Market Supervisory Board ("CMSB") on 25th 
March 2020

As refer to 1, the Board of Directors of SE-EDUCATION Public Company Limited 
("the Company") resolved to postpone the AGM for the year 2020. And as referred
to 2, CMSB passed a resolution to facilitate listed companies who have to
postpone their annual general meeting of shareholders - and are subsequently
unable to appoint an auditor - due to the epidemic of the novel Coronavirus
(Covid-19). In this regard, CMSB has allowed the affected listed companies to
appoint an auditor on the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission
("SEC") approved listed to audit their financial statements for the first
quarter of the year. This will facilitate the financial statements submission to
SEC, as a required. However, the Company must propose the auditor appointment
for the shareholders' consideration at the next shareholders' meeting to be held
 in due course.
The Board of Director in the meeting no. 3/2020 held on 13rd May 2020, has 
approved the appointment of auditors approved by SEC, from Dharmniti Auditing
Co., Ltd. Is the auditor and provides an opinion on the financial statements of
the Company for the first quarter of 2020 named as 1) Ms. Nanaphat Wannasomboon
Auditor Registration No. 7793 and/or, 2) Mr. Peradate Pongsathiansak Auditor
Registration No. 4752, and/or 3) Miss Sulalit Ardsawang Auditor Registration No.
7517 and/or the other auditors from Dharmniti Auditing Co., Ltd. In this
regard, the audit fee is Baht 1,170,000. Less than 2019 is Baht 30,000 and will
be presented to the AGM for the year 2020 to consider and approve the
appointment and determination of the audit fees for the year 2020.
Please be informed accordingly.
Yours sincerely,

Mr. Rungkan Paisitpanichtrakul
Deputy Managing Director and Company Secretary
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