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13 Nov 2019 17:21:00
Explanation regarding the case of being accused as the abettor on a criminal offense
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November 13, 2019

Subject:    Explanation regarding the case of being accused as the abettor on a 
criminal offense
To:    Directors and Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

According to the news which the National Anti-Corruption Commission accuse 
Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited and some senior
management of the company as the abettor on a criminal offence of bribing the
government officials in exchange for allowing the ship to transport the
construction equipment parts from abroad into a harbor.
The company wish to affirm that the company away conducts the business in 
accordance with the principles of good governance and will never involve or
support any forms of corruption, also, the company has very strict measures to
prevent the corruption within the organization in accordance with the principles
of good corporate governance, thus, all investors can be confident in the
business operation of the company. The company firmly believe that we can
provide explanations and evidences to defense against the above allegation.
In this regard, the company also wish to inform everyone that the accusation 
from that the National Anti-Corruption Commission is only the initial
investigation, it is not clear whether the company is a participant in any
wrongdoing or not at all. Provided that there is no final court judgment yet,
the company still deemed as innocent. If anyone misrepresent or spread the false
news that the company has violated the law or involved in any kind of bribing
act, the company will take a legal action against such a person.
The Company provides this information for your acknowledgment and dissemination 
to the public and other investors.

    Sincerely yours,
    Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public Company Limited

    (Mr. Pakpoom Srichamni)
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