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30 Sep 2019 08:35:00
FMT inform Sale of the Company's Shares by the Major Shareholder(s). (The Second Notify Additional Information)
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                Tender Offer

Subject                                  : Tender offer
Listed company subject to tender offer   : FURUKAWA METAL (THAILAND) PUBLIC 
Offeror                                  :
CTJ Holdings2 LLC.
Offer price
Common shares (baht per share) (Update)  : 10.20
Tender offer (New)                       : Not for delisting
Remark (New)                             : Such aggregate purchase price may 
change in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Share Sale and
Purchase Agreement between the Seller and the Purchaser. Such purchase price
shall be converted into Thai Baht at the Telegraphic Transfer Mid Rates (TTM)
between Thai Baht and Japanese Yen in MUFG Bank, Ltd as of 2 March 2020 or any
other date as may be agreed by the Seller and the Purchaser (the "Closing
Date"). Upon the calculation from the exchange rate of MUFG Bank, Ltd as of 27
September 2019, the aggregate purchase price shall be Thai Baht 206,818,182 or
equivalent to approximately Thai Baht 10.20 per share; provided, however that
such price must change as this calculation is for reference only.

The transaction is subject to certain conditions precedent i.e. obtaining 
Competition Law clearance in Japan and Thailand, including regulatory approvals
as required under applicable laws.
This announcement was prepared and disseminated by listed company or issuer 
through the electronic system which is provided for the purpose of dissemination
of the information and related documents of listed company or issuer to the
Stock Exchange of Thailand only.  The Stock Exchange of Thailand has   no
responsibility for the correctness and completeness of any statements, figures,
reports or opinions contained in this announcement, and has no liability for any
losses and damages in any cases.  In case you have any inquiries or
clarification regarding this announcement, please directly contact listed
company or issuer who made this announcement.