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09 Aug 2019 20:26:00
Appoint new director Audit Committees and Company Secretary to fulfill the position vacated earlier.
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                Change of director/Executive

SE-EDUCATION PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (the "Company") held the Board of Directors 
Meeting No.3/2019 on August 9, 2019 which resolutions as below:
-    To appoint Mr. Rungkan Paisitpanichtrakul as a Director and Company's 
Secretary to fulfill the position vacated earlier (to substitute for Mr. Vorasit
-    To appoint Pinvanichkul Ph.D., as a Director and Audit 
Committees to fulfill the position vacated earlier (to substitute for Mr.
Viboolsak Udomvanich,).
Effective on August 16, 2019 onwards and the terms are the same as director 
resigned. The Board of Directors as of August 16, 2019 will consist of the
following 10 members:
1.    Mr. Kasemsant Weerakul        Chairman of the Board of Directors
2.    Mr. Wutthiphum Jurangkool        Director, Recruitment & Remuneration Committees
3.    Mr. Worapoj Chutchaikulsiri        Director and Deputy Managing Director
4.    Mr. Rungkan Paisitpanichtrakul         Director, Deputy Managing Director and the 
Company's Secretary
5.    Mr. Pravit Tantiwasinchai        Director, Chairman of Audit Committees and 
Independent Director
6.    Mr. Kachen Benjakul        Director, Audit Committees, Chairman of Recruitment & 
            Committees and Independent Director
7. Asst. Prof. Tippawan Pinvanichkul Ph.D.    Director, Audit Committees and 
Independent Director
8.    Mr. Phairat Sittakul        Director
9.    Assoc. Prof. Yuen Poovarawan        Director
10.    Mr. Thanong Chotisorayuth        Director

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