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30 Jul 2019 18:18:00
Capital increase report of AQ
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30 June 2019
Subject:    Capital Increase Report of AQ Estate
To:        Directors and the Manager
                   The Stock Exchange of Thailand
        The company would like to report the utilization of capital increase from 
ordinary shares to private placement as approval by the Extraordinary General
Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2017 on 30 June 2017 that has allocated and
offering of new 100,000 million ordinary shares to the private placement. The
company has increased capital of THB 72,640 million at the price of THB 0.05 per
share, totaling THB 3,632 million. The total expenses and fees were THB 63.73
million. The capital increase after deducting expenses amounted to THB 3,568.27
        The company hereby reported on the use of funds from the capital increase as 
of 30 June 2019 as follows.
         The capital increase as approval by the Extraordinary
        General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2017                   THB   3,568.27      
        Less    Use of capital increase as of 30 June 2019        THB  2,083.971     
        Capital increase as of 30 June 2019                 THB  1,484.30       million
1 Payment in accordance with judgment of KTB                    amounting THB  
1,635.74    million
  Development of AQ ARBOR, Chonbuli, Chiangmai, Rangsit    amounting THB      
65.00     million
  Invest in Hotel Business                                                   
amounting THB    121.00    million
  Development of AQ ALIX                             amounting THB      26.00      million
  Working capital                                 amounting THB    236.23      million
                                     Total amounting THB 2,083.971    million
        The remaining capital increase amount THB 1,484.30 million was invested in 
BFixed  the bill of exchange and loan.
Please be aware and please spread further.
Yours Sincerely,
(Mr. Suthad Chankingthong)                   (Ms.Ranchana Rajatanavin)
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