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12 Jun 2019 17:07:00
The Establishment of the Joint Venture Company
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No. 051/2019/037

12 June 2019

Subject:      The Establishment of the Joint Venture Company
To:      The President,
      The Stock Exchange of Thailand
Central Pattana Public Company Limited ("the Company") would like to inform the 
establishment of the joint venture company between the Company and HKL (Thai
Developments) Company Limited.  Details are as follows:
Name of the Joint Venture Company:    CPN and HKL Company Limited
Objective:    To study the development of the mixed-use project
Registered Capital:     Baht 1,000,000 (One Million baht) with ordinary share 
capital of 10,000 shares (Ten Thousand shares) at a par value of Baht 100 (One
Hundred baht) each
Shareholding Proportion:     -    Central Pattana Public Company Limited holds 51% of 
-    HKL (Thai Developments) Company Limited holds 49% of shares
Your acknowledgment of this matter would be appreciated.

    -Ampawee Chompoopongkasem-
    (Ms. Ampawee Chompoopongkasem)
Company Secretary
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