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04 Apr 2019 18:54:00
SET News :Thai Exchange reveals SET Awards 2019 preliminary nominees
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        SET News 22/2019
                   April 4, 2019

Thai Exchange reveals SET Awards 2019 preliminary nominees

BANGKOK, April 4, 2019 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand, jointly with Money & 
Banking Magazine, is organizing the 16th SET Awards - an annual event to honor
outstanding listed companies and spotlight them as role models for the industry,
today announcing a list of 620 listed firms that have passed the preliminary
screening for the prestigious awards. The winners of the awards will be
announced in November 2019.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that from this year onwards, the SET 
Awards will be integrated with the SET Sustainability Awards, under the SET
Awards name, and categorized into two key groups of awards namely the Business
Excellence group and the Sustainability Excellence group, underlining SET's
commitment to motivate and promote the Thai capital market to grow efficiently
while enhancing sustainable growth. These efforts will help boost global
investor confidence and strengthen the foundation of Thai capital market and the
 country as a whole.

Santi Viriyarungsarit, Editor-in-Chief of Money & Banking Magazine - the SET 
Awards co-host and one of the distinguished judges for SET Awards 2019, said
that the event has continuously been a success as all the awards are meaningful
to the winners and related organizations in the capital market and have been
recognized as prestigious, reflecting the strength and the sustainability of the
 Thai capital market.

The Business Excellence group consists of 1) Best Investor Relations Awards; 2) 
Best Innovative Company Awards; 3) Best Securities Company Awards; 4) Best Asset
Management Company Award; 5) Best Company Performance Awards; 6) Best Deal of
the Year Award; and 7) Best CEO Awards & Young Rising Star CEO Award.

The Sustainability Excellence group consists of 1) Best Sustainability Awards; 
2) Highly Commended in Sustainability Awards; and 3) Rising Star Awards.

620 preliminary nominees, selected from listed companies, will be divided into 
six sub-categories based on their market capitalizations (Five sub-categories
for SET-listed companies and one for mai-listed companies).

In addition, there will also be the SET Awards of Honor for individuals or 
companies that have consistently retained their outstanding performance in
respective fields.

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