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07 Jan 2019 06:47:00
Information on the investment in WOG ITR Water Solution Company Limited
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                Acquisition or disposition of assets

As the Board of Directors Meeting of Wiik & Hoeglund Public Company Limited 
("the Company") No. 5/2018 on October 12, 2018, approved Wiik Water Company
Limited (WW), a 100% shareholding subsidiary to purchase ordinary shares of WOG
ITR Water Solution Company Limited ("WOG ITR") of 48,571 shares with a par value
of Baht 100 per share, representing 100% of the paid-up capital from the
existing shareholders amount of Baht 35 million and provide financial assistance
to WOG ITR of Baht 265 million (after becoming a subsidiary) to pay the
1.    To repay loans and interest from WOG Technologies (Thailand) Company Limited 
("WOG THAI") (The Existing shareholder) amount of Baht 42 million.
2.    To repay creditors arising from the purchase of assets used in WOG ITR's 
business operations to WOG Technologies (Thailand) Company Limited ("WOG THAI")
at a total price of Baht 223 million (VAT included) divided by 3 installments as
?    1st installment on closing date of Baht 80 million.
?    2nd installment, 13th month from the closing date of Baht 80 million.
?    3rd installment, 19th month from the closing date of Baht 55 million.
The maximum value that the Company uses to calculate the size of asset 
acquisition transaction is total of Baht 300 million and assigned the Management
to set the closing date when complete the significant conditions for entering
the transaction including reporting to the SET as the announcement of the Stock
Exchange of Thailand, subject; Disclosure of Information and Other Acts of
Listed Companies Concerning the Acquisition and Disposition of Assets, BE 2547
when there is a certainty of the transaction.

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