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09 Nov 2018 19:36:00
Leave a joint venture with SE-ED Book Center Co., Ltd.
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                SE-EDUCATION PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (the Company) had invested in SE-ED Book 
Center Co., Ltd. (the Subsidiary) with registered capital and paid-up capital in
the amount of THB 1,000,000 in which the Company held 100,000 shares at the par
 value of THB 10 or 99.99% since 2001.
Now SE-EDUCATION PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED would like to inform that the Meeting of
the Board of Directors No. 4/2018 dated 9 November 2018 passed a resolution
approving the Company to cancel the joint venture and acknowledgement of the
registration of said business above. The Management shall appoint a liquidator
to complete the liquidation accordingly.
However, the cancellation of joint venture and the registration of liquidation 
will not affect the operation and financial statement of SE-EDUCATION PUBLIC
COMPANY LIMITED and its bookstore chain store under the name SE-ED Book Center
because such business has no performance. It was only a registration in the
business system of the Department of Business Development. The Company still has
the right to the trademark and service marks under the name SE-ED Book Center
in full force.
SE-EDUCATION PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED informs that this transaction has not 
affected to the Company's business and not considered to be a connected
transaction in accordance with the Notification of the Capital Market
Supervisory Board No.Tor Jor 21/2551 re: Rule concerning Connected Transactions
and the amendment and the notification of the Board of Governor of the Stock
Exchange of Thailand and not trigger the reporting requirement for the
acquisition of assets of listed companies under the Notification of Capital
Market Supervisory Board.
Please be informed accordingly and kindly disseminate the information herein to 
Sincerely yours,

Mr. Viboolsak Udomvanich
Deputy Managing Director and Company Secretary
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