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08 Nov 2018 18:21:00
Signitificant Resolutions Passed at the meeting No. 4/2018 of the Board of Directors of the Company
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                1. To approve the proposed amendment of structures and responsibilities of the 
Nomination and Remuneration Committee (" NRC" ) having details as follows:
Structure of the NRC
1. The NRC will be selected from Board Members.
2. The NRC shall consist of three members out of which the Chairman of the 
Committee and one other member must be Independent Directors.
3. The NRC serves for three years per term. Duties and Responsibilities of the 
1. The NRC will search, screen and nominate qualified candidates for Independent
Directors to the Board of Directors for approval.
2. The NRC will screen candidates nominated by the major shareholders and submit
 qualified candidates to the Board of Directors for approval.
3. The NRC will establish procedures and criteria for nomination of Directors.
4. The NRC will submit, with opinion, the proposed Director' s Fees as 
recommended by the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the Company to
the Board of Directors for considerations prior to formal approval from the
Shareholders Meetings.
5. The Chairman of the Board will propose remuneration for the top Management in
 consultation with the Committee.
6. To perform any other duties delegated by the Board of Directors of the 

Change of director/Executive

To appoint Mr. Tamotsu Tamaki as a new managing director to replace the current 
managing director, Mr. Suchitr Sr ivetbodee who is retiring in 2019, being
effective on 1st April 2019.
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