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08 Nov 2018 17:58:00
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 3 Ending 30 Sep 2018
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                Management Discussion and Analysis

Company name                             : THAI POLY ACRYLIC PUBLIC COMPANY 
Year                                     : 2018
Quarter                                  : Quarter 3
Ending                                   : 30-Sep-2018
Note                                     :
TPA 014/2018
November 09, 2018
To: Managing Director
The Stock Exchange of Thailand
Subject: Explanation and Financial analysis and operating results Q3, September 
30, 2018
The financial performance of Thai Poly Acrylic Public Company Limited as of 
fiscal Q3, September
30th, 2018, has been reviewed by certified public accountants with the following
1. The total revenue in Q3, September 30, 2018 was at Baht 266.83 million, lower
 by Baht 39.79
million or 12.98% compared to the same quarter of 2017 at Baht 306.62 million 
due to decrease
in sales volume.
2. The net operating results for Q3 ended 30 September 2018 was net loss at Baht
 -13.87 million,
decreasing by Baht 7.47 million or 116.6% compared to net loss in Q3 last year 
at Baht -6.40
million. The main reasons were lower sales volume and increase of raw material 
Sincerely Yours,
( Suchitr Srivetboodee )
Managing Director
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