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23 Aug 2018 19:21:00
SET News : mai-listed companies report upbeat net profits, sales in H1
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        SET News 67/ 2018
               August 23, 2018

mai-listed companies report upbeat net profits, sales in H1

-    H1 net profits up 39.73 pct y-o-y to THB 3.55 bln
-    Total sales during Jan-Jun rose 16.91 pct to THB 88.55 bln.
-    Almost all industry groups reported better earnings.
-    Technology, Services and Financials among top performing industry groups
BANGKOK, August 23, 2018 -- Companies listed on Market for Alternative 
Investment (mai) recorded a combined net profit of THB 3.55 billion (approx. USD
108 million) from Jan-June 2018, up 39.73 percent year-on-year, while their
aggregate sales rose 16.91 percent from a year earlier to THB 88.55 billion. The
outperforming industry groups, in descending order, were Technology, Services
and Financials.
mai President Prapan Charoenprawatt said that the first-half aggregate net 
profits were compiled from 147 mai-listed companies (that have already released
their earnings reports, ending June 30, 2018), representing 97 percent of the
total 152 firms (excluding those in the non-compliance or NC group and the
others with due dates coming up). There were 107  firms, accounting for 73
percent, recorded net profits. mai-listed companies' cumulative sales increased
16.91 percent year-on-year to THB 88.55 billion, and total costs rose 18.61
percent to THB 68.96 billion, narrowing their gross profit margins to 22.12
percent compared to 23.24 percent in the same period a year earlier.
"The overall picture of mai-listed companies' earnings for the first six months 
of this year looked encouraging as all industry groups delivered higher sales in
accordance with economic condition. However, the higher oil price and the
stronger Baht at the beginning of this year weighted down the overall gross
profit margins. The increasing in oil price also pushed up production and
selling costs, particularly in Industrials Industry Group, and affected
Transportation sector on service costs. Listed companies' ability to control
selling and administrative expenses and revenue recognition from the recent
investments of several firms contributed to the 39.73 percent year-on-year rise
in the first-half net profits. Furthermore, seven out of the eight industry
groups posted increased earnings, while Property & Construction showed lower net
Total assets of mai-listed firms rose 5.74 percent from end-2017 to THB 264.85 
billion and their financial health was still strong with debt-to-equity ratio
edging up slightly to 1.03 times from the end of last year," added Prapan.
In the second quarter of 2018, the total sales of mai-listed companies recorded 
a 17.20 percent increase to THB 44.79 billion, when compared to Q2/2017, while
their net profits jumped 63.02 percent to THB 1.72 billion. Their total costs
rose 18.16 percent to THB 34.85 billion, pressing their gross profit margins
down 0.63 percent to 22.18 percent.
As of August 22, 2018, there were 152 mai-listed companies. The mai Index closed
at 434.25 points or 19.64 percent down from the beginning of this year, with a
total market capitalization of THB 277.78 billion (approx. USD 8.4 billion) and
average daily trading value of THB 1.41 billion.

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