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17 Aug 2018 12:30:00
Notification of the Resolution of the Board of Director's Meeting No. 8/2018 on the Issuance and offering Debenture
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                With reference to the Company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2018 held
on June 22, 2018 which resolved the issuing debenture in an amount of not more
than 10 billion baht equivalent for financing. Therefore, the Company would like
to present the details of the issuance and offering of a new tranche of
debentures which were approved by the Board of Directors, detail as follows:
 Purpose    :  Unsubordinated and unsecured Debentures
:  Refinance and/or General Working Capital
 Currency to issue    :  Baht
 Issuing Amount     :  Up to 4 Billion baht
 Tenor    :  Up to 5 years from issuance date

 Interest Rate           : Offering to the domestic private placement and/or high 
net worth
         Individuals and/or institutional investors and/or public offering
 : Depend on market at time of  offering and issuance
The authorized director(s) assigned by the Board of Directors is empowered to 
consider and prescribe other terms and conditions related to the issuance of the
debentures including seeking approval from the competent authorities and
performing any other acts necessary and related to the issuance of the
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