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07 Aug 2018 17:18:00
Appointment of Audit Committee Member
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                Change of director/Executive

We are pleased to inform you that at the Board of Directors' meeting of 
Bangsaphan Barmill Public Company Limited No.7/2018 held on August 6,2018 has
passed the resolutions as follows:

1.To notify the resignation of Mr. Taweesak Senanarong as the audit committee 
effective on   27 August 2018, He remaimed the Chairman of the Board and

2.Appointed Mr. Tawat  Pholkwamdee as the audit committee effective from 27 
August 2018.

3.To reappoint the members of the Audit Committee who are due to retire on 
August 26,2018 as the members of the Audit Committee for another term of three
years effective from August 27,2018. The names of the reappointed members of the
 Audit Committee are as follows:

Chairman of the Audit Committee           Mr. Komkris  Prachakris
Member of the Audit Committee          Mr. Charin     Hanssuebsai
Member of the Audit Committee          Mr. Tawat     Pholkwamdee     

As required, we enclose herewith the completed Form24-1 for reporting the names 
and the scope of duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee.
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