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09 Jul 2018 18:57:00
Determination of the Extraordinary Trust Unitholders' Meetings No. 1/2018 and determination of the Record Date for the attendance of Extraordinary Trust Unitholders' Meetings No. 1/2018
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                Schedule of investment unitholders' meeting/trust unitholders' meeting

Subject                                  : Schedule of trust unitholders' 
Date announced                           : 09-Jul-2018
Meeting date of unitholders              : 14-Aug-2018
Beginning time of meeting (h:mm)         : 10 : 00
Record date for the right to attend the  : 23-Jul-2018
Ex-meeting date                          : 20-Jul-2018
Significant agenda item                  :
  - Connected Transaction
  - Capital Increase
  - Acquisition or Disposition of Assets
Venue of the meeting                     : Bon Vivant Room, the Tawana Bangkok 
No. 80 Surawong Road, Si Phraya Subdistrict, Bang Rak District, Bangkok

Capital increase

Subject                                  : Capital increase
Date announced                           : 09-Jul-2018
Allocated to                             : - Unitholders
Allocated to                             : - Public offering
Remark                                   :
(1)    The record date to determine the unitholders who are entitled to subscribe 
for additional trust units will be later determined after the unitholders
approve the capital increase of the REIT and the Office of the Securities and
Exchange Commission (the "Office of the SEC") approves the Registration
Statement and draft Prospectus. The Company will notify the unitholders of the
record date to determine the unitholders who are entitled to subscribe for
additional trust units (Record Date) and the unit subscription date later.
(2)    Current unitholders may express an intention to subscribe, oversubscribe, or
undersubscribe for the additional trust units to which they are entitled, or
may not subscribe for any of those additional trust units. After the allocation
of trust units under this Portion 1 to existing unitholders according to their
rights, the Company will allocate the remaining additional trust units to
existing unitholders who oversubscribe, together or after the allocation of
trust units under Portion 2, as it deems appropriate.
(3)    The price for the additional trust units is determined by reference to the 
appraised value of the assets by the independent appraisers approved by the
Office of the SEC, as well as other relevant factors including: (1) the capital
market at the time of the offering for sale of the trust units; (2) the
reasonable rate of return which the investors will receive; (3) commercial
potential of the assets; (4) domestic and foreign interest rates; (5) rate of
return from investments in equity instruments, fixed income instruments, as well
as other alternative investments options; and (6) the book building surveys of
institutional investors.
 (4)    The Company may allocate up to 50 percent of total additional trust units 
issued and offered to any one person, or the group of persons. The definition
for "the group of persons" shall be as prescribed in Notification Tor.Jor.
49/2555 re: Issuing and Offering for Sale of the REIT units (as amended). The
criteria for the allocation of the additional trust units to each type of
investors shall be in accordance with the Registration Statement and the

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