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02 Jul 2018 17:02:00
Listed companies not appointed audit committees as June 30, 2018
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                Listed companies having the insufficient number of audit committee members.
     An audit committee is widely known as a mechanism that facilitates good 
Corporate Governance and ensures the quality, credibility, and objectivity of
this governance. Consequently, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) determines
that all listed companies must have, at all times, at least three members in
their audit committee.
     As of June 30, 2018, there are nine listed companies having insufficient 
members in their audit committee. To ensure that shareholders, investors, and
other related parties are properly notified, in particular, listing status, the
Exchange has decided to announce the names of those companies.

    Symbol             Insufficient number of           Number of days
                           audit committee member(s)    that is insufficient
The Stock Exchange of Thailand  (SET)
1. IFEC                    3                578
2. IEC                    2                334
3. TOPP                    1                67
4. SVH                    1                61
5. BAY                    1                55
6. CIMBT                1                44
7. ORI                    1                43
8. TCAP                    1                19
Market for Alternative Investment (mai)
9. UMS                                  3                              4

These rules apply for all listed companies, except for firms being rehabilitated
under the Bankruptcy Law, as their operations would be under the control of
court-approved planners.