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07 Jun 2018 18:04:00
SET News :SET's 13th President rolls out strategic direction "Creating Partnership Platform to Drive Inclusive Growth"
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   SET New 42/ 2018
            June 7, 2018

SET's 13th President rolls out strategic direction "Creating Partnership 
Platform to Drive Inclusive Growth"

Bangkok, June 7, 2018 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)'s 13th President 
has announced the strategic direction "Creating Partnership Platform to Drive
Inclusive Growth" with four agendas: Transform, Strengthen, Enhance, and Grow
with quality aiming at promoting market quality, improving market accessibility,
building capital market infrastructures as well as removing obstacles and
streamlining processes for the whole capital market, reinforcing SET's vision
"To Make the Capital Market 'Work' for Everyone."

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai outlined his strategic directions in his 
first major address since taking the office on June 1, saying "With the digital
revolution, demographic changes, globalization and national policies, the
exchange will proactively build partnership platforms in the capital market that
bring together stakeholders to deliver innovative products and services that
will benefit the society and economy."

Key four agendas are as follows:

Transform: SET will utilize technologies and innovations to optimize and improve
end-to-end services by building open platforms to serve common needs of
stakeholders in the capital market. In addition, these open architecture
platforms promote partnership and collaboration among all stakeholders and
stimulate innovation.

Strengthen: To groom SET employees and capital market professionals to be ready 
to cope with challenges and leverage opportunities in the new era of the capital
market. In addition, Regulatory Reform will take place to update current
regulations to cope with the new business landscape.

Enhance: To make Thai capital market standout in the global arena as "Market of 
Well-being", which includes businesses related to infrastructures, tourism,
hospitality, healthcare and food, all of which are the country's competitiveness
and strengths of the Thai capital market that can supply funding need for
infrastructure investment projects in the region, especially CLMV.

Grow: To continue to promote the Thai capital market towards sustainable growth 
with high quality in all dimensions, including products, services,
intermediaries, and investors. SET will spearhead the building of ecosystem
conducive to the growth of SMEs and startups so that they will have an
alternative funding source to leapfrog their business growth.

                             "SET...Make it Work for Everyone"