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07 Mar 2018 20:40:00
SET News :SET introduces "C" caution sign effective July 2
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          SET News 18/2018
                  March 7, 2018

SET introduces "C" caution sign effective July 2

BANGKOK, March 7, 2018 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) introduces the "C"
(Caution) sign effective from July 2, 2018 to protect investors and urge listed
companies to resolve the issues arise from deteriorating financial status,
financial statement and business operation. The imposing of new sign has
incorporated the market participants and public feedback received via the public
 consultation, with approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

SET President Kesara Manchusree said that SET with relentless effort has 
continuously enhanced listed companies' quality and protect investor protection.
During September to December last year SET discussed with market participants
and the public on further actions in protecting investors by posting an
additional alert sign on a company's securities when the financial status and
business operation changed regressively. We decide to launch the "C" (Caution)
sign to remind investors to study those of securities carefully before making an
 investment. The sign has already been approved by the SEC.

Following the new sign implementation, investors must trade through Cash Balance
account any securities tagged "C" sign. SET will announce the names of listed
companies one day prior to the posting of "C". Such company has to provide
information and plan to resolve the issue within 15 days after the "C" sign has
been posted and every quarter until the company can completely rectify their
issues. This is in line with general criteria of other alert signs.

The "C" sign will take effect on July 2, 2018 while the listed companies' 
financial status will consider fromtheir financial statements ended June 30,
2018. To view the list of companies with "C" sign, please visit or

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