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04 Jan 2018 19:07:00
TFEX News :TFEX hits 79 million contracts, to focus on quality improvement, product and service developments in 2018
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          TFEX News 1/2018
                 January 4, 2018

TFEX hits 79 million contracts, to focus on quality improvement, product and 
service developments in 2018

-    Total trading volume rose to 79 mln contracts in 2017
-    Daily average volume up 13.7 pct to 324,217 contracts
-    Stock Futures as main growth driver

Bangkok, January 4, 2018 - Thailand Futures Exchange PCL's (TFEX) 2017 
derivatives trading volume continued to increase to 79 million contracts, or an
average of 324,217 contracts per day, a 13.7 percent increase from the previous
year, while investor trading accounts rose by 17,275. For 2018, TFEX focuses on
improving quality of products and services and developing channels to serve
investor needs and boosting trading liquidity.

TFEX Managing Director Rinjai Chakornpipat said that Stock Futures, which gains 
high popularity, dominated 60 percent of the total trading volume in 2017 as
investors had better understanding in the product's features and were able to
utilize the product to enhance investment efficiency. Other active products were
SET50 Futures accounting for 33 percent and Gold Futures making up for 5
percent. TFEX's trading accounts at the end-2017 numbered 146,559, up 17,275
from the previous year.

According to investor breakdown by trading volume, retail investors accounted 
for 51 percent, institutional investors at 38 percent, while foreign investors
at 11 percent. At the end of 2017, the open interest jumped by 46.5 percent from
 the previous year to 2,813,036 contracts.

"TFEX has collaborated with members on marketing and education activities. 
Market makers also help enhance liquidity for the existing products including
Stock Futures and SET50 Options as well as the new product, Gold-D, which was
rolled out in September. TFEX also extended trading hours for all gold futures
products to 11:55PM to help investors better manage risks and adjust their
investment strategy to catch up with major gold markets," Rinjai added.

For 2018, TFEX emphasizes in quality to bolster trading liquidity of the 
existing products, particularly in SET50 Options and RSS3D Futures, and
developing products and services to meet investor demand and enable them to
better manage risks including improving physical delivery feature for Gold-D,
conducting a feasibility study to improve dollar exchange service for USD
Futures, widening underlying assets of Stock Futures, and promoting Thailand
Clearing House's services by allowing investors to use securities as collateral.
Moreover, TFEX continues to expand quality investor base by enhancing investor
understanding on products, strategy and trading concepts through channels and
tools deemed to be suitable with each customer group.

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