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08 Nov 2017 17:34:00
SET News :24 Thai listed firms win SET Sustainability Awards 2017
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    SET News 97/2017
 November 8, 2017

24 Thai listed firms win SET Sustainability Awards 2017

BANGKOK, November 8, 2017- The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) today grants the
"SET Sustainability Awards 2017" to 24 listed companies with sustainability
performance excellence. The SET Sustainability Awards of Honor goes to BANPU,
PTTGC, SAT, SCC and TOP. Also, 65 listed companies are selected to be into
Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) for 2017, a list of stocks with
outstanding performance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects.

SET President Kesara Manchusree said that to develop listed companies' 
sustainable growth which help strengthen the country's foundation, SET has
encouraged them to strike a balance between growth and stakeholder
responsibility, while applying ESG aspects to develop business towards concrete
sustainability. The SET Sustainability Awards event aims to recognize and
motivate listed companies for their determination towards sustainability, while
being role models for others. This effort is in line with SET's vision "To Make
the Capital Market 'Work' for Everyone", developing the capital market to
benefit all stakeholders.

Currently, Thai listed companies have outstanding performance and quality. This 
year marks another success as they are recognized for sustainable business
development both at domestic and international levels. Listed companies
recognized at SET Sustainability Awards 2017 are considered as "role models" in
building value to organizations and society, outstandingly integrating
sustainability into their strategic plan and organizational management process,
as well as demonstrating the business process management compatible with
Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) with concerns over new risks and with
focus on social and business innovation development to reinforce organization
competitive edge. They further apply these innovations to create social impact
to society and environment. Thai listed companies have taken pride in taking
part in contributing to sustainability extensively, Kesara added.

SET granted 24 SET Sustainability Awards 2017: five are Sustainability Awards of
Honor granted to (in alphabetical order) BANPU, PTTGC, SAT, SCC and TOP; three
Best Sustainability Awards for BCP, CFRESH and IRPC; seven Outstanding
Sustainability Awards for BAFS, CHO, KBANK, MINT, S&J, SSSC and TU; and nine
Rising Star Awards - offered to listed companies with outstanding performance in
starting applying sustainable business practice - granted to CPN, DELTA, FPI,
HMPRO, IRC, IVL, PPS, PSH and SC,   in addition to awards for 65 listed
companies selected in a list of THSI.
The award committee, comprising experts in corporate governance and social 
responsibility, carries out the process in a transparent manner by screening
listed companies in the list of THSI that achieved outstanding score. They will
then have to participate in the interview to highlight internal sustainability
management process covering risk management related to ESG risks, stakeholder
management, roles of the companies' directors and executives in driving forward
towards sustainability, as well as the companies' abilities to extend
sustainability to achieve concrete outcome for the benefit of the society as a
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