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12 Sep 2017 16:52:00
SET News :152 listed companies' H1 interim dividends jump 23.6 pct
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SET News 74/2017

September 12, 2017
152 listed companies' H1 interim dividends jump 23.6 pct
BANGKOK, September 12, 2017 - Total 152 companies listed on The Stock Exchange 
of Thailand (SET) and Market for Alternative Investment (mai) announced a
combined interim dividend payment of THB 117.86 billion (approx. USD 3.47
billion) for the first half of 2017, a 23.59 percent increase from H1/2016.
SET Senior Executive Vice President Santi Kiranand said that 152 listed 
companies (excluding property funds) reported interim dividends of THB 117.86
billion for the first half of 2017, as of August 31, 2017, consisting of 130
SET-listed companies which paid dividends amounting to THB 116.74 billion; and
22 mai-listed companies which paid dividends of THB 1.12 billion. Listed
companies traded on the SET50 Index (top 50 large-cap companies) paid dividends
worth THB 88.69 billion, representing 75 percent of the total interim dividends.
"The higher net profits of large listed companies have resulted in higher 
dividend payment of 23.59 percent increase year-on-year. The total number of
listed companies which paid interim dividends was still in the range of 150
companies, same as in previous year, reflecting listed firms' consistency, a
positive factor that can attract investors to invest in the Thai stock market,"
Santi said.
The top five SET-listed firms with the highest interim dividend payments were 
PTT pcl (PTT), Advanced Info Service pcl (ADVANC), Siam Cement pcl (SCC), PTT
Exploration and Production pcl (PTTEP), and Land and Houses pcl (LH). Their
aggregate interim dividends amounted to THB 54.22 billion, or 46 percent of
SET-listed companies' total interim dividends by value.
The top-five mai-listed firms with the highest interim dividend payments were 
Forth Smart Service pcl (FSMART), Bangkok Dec-Con pcl (BKD), The Brooker Group
pcl (BROOK), Fortune Parts Industry pcl (FPI), and Arrow Syndicate pcl (ARROW).
Their combined dividends totaled THB 648 million, or 58 percent of mai-listed
firms' total interim dividends.

By sectors, the top five sectors of SET that paid the highest interim dividends 
were the same ones as a year earlier. They were Energy & Utilities, Information
& Communication Technology, Construction Materials, Food & Beverage, and
Property Development sectors, with combined dividend value of THB 90.4 billion
or 77 percent of the total interim dividends value.

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