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05 Jul 2017 16:54:00
SET News :SET introduces "LIVE" platform at upcoming Startup Thailand event to facilitate access to funding via capital market
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 News 50/2017
         July 5, 2017

SET introduces "LIVE" platform at upcoming Startup Thailand event to facilitate 
access to funding via capital market
Bangkok, July 5, 2017 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) aims to develop the
capital market for the benefit of all sectors, including new opportunities for
startup entrepreneurs.  To create a complete startup ecosystem, SET's latest
initiative and first-of-its-kind, platform named "LIVE" is the first trading
market place for startups in Thailand unveiled at Startup Thailand annual event
during July 6-9 organized by the National Innovation Agency (NIA), Ministry of
Science and Technology, and other related government agencies. The event is at
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok. "LIVE" will be ready to
operate, after the SEC's approval, in the third quarter of 2017.
SET President Kesara Manchusree stated that SET is focused on developing the 
capital market to benefit all sectors of the economy under the SET vision "To
Make the Capital Market 'Work' for Everyone". SET promotes the quality growth of
businesses of all sizes: large, medium and small. It has in the past few years
reached out to the "startups" entrepreneurial group with clear strategy to
create comprehensive infrastructure of startup ecosystem. This consists of the
systematic sharing of knowledge and experience in business management and how to
mobilize capital for further business growth via specific training for
entrepreneurs, including other knowledge-based materials. In addition, SET has
also invested in trust funds, jointly with the Government Savings Bank and Krung
Thai Bank, to provide innovative entrepreneurs with working capital to grow
their business ventures.  Moreover, SET has also developed a proprietary new
platform named "LIVE" for startups to access capital funding, which will be
introduced for the first time at Startup Thailand.

Simultaneously at this event, SET will be signing a memorandum of understanding 
with government agencies and private sector to jointly enhance the rules and
regulations of operating business via the Sharing Economy, finding ways to set
up testing center and boosting cutting-edge innovation for startups. The
initiative will mainly be operated  by the National Startup Committee.

"Today the new generation of entrepreneurs has keen interest in startups, 
seemingly a global trend.  Bright, new fresh ideas and innovations have been
generated, tech or non-tech, with larger impact and benefit, creating major
changes in the current business environment.  In Thailand, startups will be
another key mechanism to propel the nation's economy into the new era of
Thailand 4.0. Truly realizing its significance, SET will share expertise and
exchange views as well at the Startup Thailand seminar under the topic "Asia
Capital Market: Driving Force for Startups", together with top stock exchange
executives from Japan and Korea with extensive experience in promoting access to
 funding sources for startup entrepreneurs," added Kesara.

'LIVE' platfrom is the first trading market for startups and SMEs  in Thailand, 
with the support of the National Startup Committee. The 'LIVE' platform will be
operated by LiveFIN Corp, Ltd., having 99.99% of its shares held by SET. LIVE
platform has been developed to facilitate startup entrepreneurs to access
working capital via fundraising and boost trading liquidity, while strengthening
  business growth in the future.

LIVE Platform has applied and is waiting for a business license from the 
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and will be ready to begin its
operation in Q3/2017.  For more information, please visit:

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